Why Chris Chibnall will never return to “Doctor Who”

Departing Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall has revealed why he never plans to return to the show, explaining his time will be taken up by other things, Digital Spy reports.

The writer, who has overseen the sci-fi series during Jodie Whittaker’s run as the Doctor, will be departing the show alongside the actress later this year, the report adds.

However, as his successor as show boss Russell T Davies’ comeback has proved, you can never say never to a return to the TARDIS.

Yet Chibnall has firmly ruled it out, telling the Radio Times: “Absolutely never again! Clear red line, final script. I never expected to come back after working with Steven [Moffat], really, and I’d turned it down a couple of times after that.”

He went on to explain: “Supervising teenagers’ revision is taking up my time now and there’s lots of other things to write!

“I will happily sit back and watch. For all that it’s been gorgeous all along, now it’s like, ‘Oh, I remember this. This is what real life is like!'”

Chibnall also revealed what former show boss Steven Moffat said to him ahead of his departure, recalling: “Steven told me, ‘I miss the work, but I don’t miss the workload’. That’s where I’m heading towards.”

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