What Diddy told cops who pulled him over for loud music

Sean “Diddy” Combs, also known as Brother Love, had a run-in with the cops while cruising through the streets of Miami in a golf cart in a recent encounter. Diddy was enjoying the tunes from his new album, The Love Album: Off The Grid, notably playing “What’s Love,” when he was pulled over by police officers.

As captured on camera, Diddy informed his followers about the situation, mentioning that he was being pulled over by the police at that moment. The reason for the stop? The officers cited that the music playing from Diddy’s golf cart was too loud, prompting them to conduct a non-music-related enforcement action.

Despite the unexpected interruption, Diddy used the opportunity to promote his latest work, asking the officers if they had heard his new album. When they responded negatively, he encouraged them to listen to it and even suggested they blast it as loud as they could. The officers agreed, and the encounter ended on a positive note with a handshake and a friendly exchange.

Diddy’s album, The Love Album: Off The Grid, was released on September 15th, featuring a lineup of prominent R&B and Hip-Hop artists. Additionally, he later released an extended version of the project, including new tracks and remixes, further showcasing his musical prowess. Diddy’s charisma and love for his music were on full display during this unexpected traffic stop in Miami.

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