Watendawili’s “Zitu Nice” unlocks the door to Nairobi’s dynamic nightlife

Watendawili, a dynamic duo hailing from the heart of Kenya, have provided Nairobi’s nightlife with its electrifying anthem in their latest musical creation.

The new track, “Zitu Nice,” is a thrilling blend of Hip Hop, electronic cuts, and garage vibes that opens a window into the vibrant world of Nairobi’s after-dark revelry. “Zitu Nice” is the soundtrack to unforgettable nights.

Picture yourself stepping into the pulsating world of “Zitu Nice.” The experience begins with a heart-pounding bassline and captivating harmonies that beckon you onto the dance floor. It’s as if you’ve been transported to the heart of Nairobi’s bustling nightlife, where the energy is infectious, and the music is a siren’s call.

As the music unfolds, the production draws from a rich spectrum of musical influences, both classic and contemporary. The result is a rhythmic journey that compels you to move and lose yourself in the music.

Watendawili are a dynamic duo that have been making waves since 2016. Ywaya Tajiri and Israel Onyach, proud representatives of Nairobi, are forging a musical connection that is nothing short of magical. They complement each other’s artistry. Their harmonies are tight, and their guitar accompaniments seamlessly complement their electrifying beats.

If you are seeking to feel the pulse of Kenya, press play.

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