Unknown Nigerian director is No.3 on Netflix

Who is Andrew Onwubolu?

You will be forgiven for not knowing.
But say Rapman and eyes will light up with recognition if you are a fan and subscriber of streamer, Netflix.

Rapman is the writer/director of the wave making Blue Story, a gritty and bloody crime thriller from the UK which is currently holding steady at No. 3 on Netflix naija.

Rapman riffs on the gang culture in the UK and the crazy knife crimes but it grips you from the get-go because it features familiar faces from the Netflix series,Top Boy,

Look out for Kadeem Ramsay and Michael Ward, best mates from Top Boy and incidentally here too.


Anyone familiar with British crime movies and documentaries around crime in the SE zip code won’t be too surprised but what elevates Blue Story is the writer/director’s role as some contemporary Greek Chorus providing commentary on the action unfolding on the scene thus making Andrew Onwubolu sorry Rapman, a triple threat to watch at just 32.

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