Tosin Bee releases “Praise Unlimited Vol. 2” after a successful global tour

Tosin Bee and the sensational Beezlenation have just unveiled Praise Unlimited Vol. 2, a melodious tapestry of gratitude and worship. This collection of inspiring praise songs is a testament to the duo’s unwavering dedication to crafting soul-stirring melodies that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Following the triumph of its predecessor, Praise Unlimited Vol. 1, which garnered millions of streams and heartwarming testimonies, this latest volume promises an even more profound experience. The songs within express deep thanksgiving, gratitude and sincere glorification to the Lord, encapsulating the blessings of a remarkable year.

Tosin Bee, acclaimed for his vocal prowess, and the talented musicians of Beezlenation have poured their hearts into creating this musical masterpiece. Their hard work and dedication shine through each note, ensuring that listeners are taken on a spiritual journey of praise and worship.

Moreover, the release of Praise Unlimited Vol. 2 marks the culmination of Tosin Bee’s 2023 Tour, a global odyssey that spanned from August to November. Visiting various cities in the USA and UK, Tosin Bee ministered and prepared the ground for the launch of this divine compilation, leaving audiences moved and inspired.

As the final note resonates, followers of Tosin Bee can revel in the divine harmonies by listening to “Praise Unlimited Vol. 2.” The echoes of gratitude and worship are sure to linger in the hearts of all who partake in this musical celebration.

For those eager to join the chorus of praise, the album is available on all major platforms. Let the melodies of Praise Unlimited Vol. 2 usher you into a realm of spiritual elevation.

Listen to the divine melodies here and connect with Tosin Bee on Instagram.


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