Nollywood Studies Centre calls for contributions in bid to preserve Nigeria’s cinematic heritage

The Nollywood Studies Centre (NSC) has extended a warm invitation to enthusiasts and industry stakeholders to contribute to its Film Archive, which it says is in a bid to uphold the legacy of the Nigerian film industry. Positioned as a guardian of resources related to Nigerian cinema, the NSC aims to safeguard the rich heritage embedded in over 10,000 Nigerian video films housed within its archive.

The extensive collection, generously donated by the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) and filmmakers themselves, serves as a cultural and economic treasure with global significance. Nigerian films act as powerful ambassadors, shaping international perceptions of Nigeria and Africa. The NSC is dedicated to strengthening the link between this cinematic representation and its cultural origins through meticulous archiving.

The NSC’s primary objective is to attract global researchers and practitioners, offering them a unique opportunity to study one of the world’s largest film industries firsthand. By actively contributing to scholarly research on the video film phenomenon, the NSC ensures that valuable materials remain easily accessible for future generations.

The call for contributions extends beyond films to include various materials connected to the Nigerian film industry—film posters, literature, scripts, BTS footage and more. Afomachukwu Igbedion, associated with the School of Media and Communication at Pan-Atlantic University, emphasised the collaborative effort needed to celebrate and safeguard the illustrious legacy of Nigerian cinema.

Contributors are not only preserving their creative works but also playing a pivotal role in the NSC’s mission to protect and conserve materials for the enrichment of future generations. The NSC welcomes contributions of all sizes, emphasising their commitment to duly acknowledging the generosity of supporters.

For those interested in making a contribution or seeking more information about the Nollywood Studies Centre and its mission, inquiries can be directed to Afomachukwu Igbedion at

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