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Its day 4 at Kabafest2019, but who’s counting.

We have an amazing lineup that will keep you totally engaged and the better for it.

Go ahead and dive in.

10:00 -11:00am
‘Objective reporting and its impact on security.’

Host : Abdul Kareem Baba Aminu
Panelists: Fisayo Soyombo,
Abdulaziz Abdulaziz and Kouna Mayer
Conversation: Finding ways to explore safe journalistic practises and analyzing it’s impact on national security.

‘Prince of Monkeys’ & ‘Naja’

Host: Kinna Likimani
Author: Safiya Ismaila Yero
Author: Nnamdi Ehirim
Conversation: The session will explore their creative process and the writing style and inspiration.

‘Soyayya Ruwan Zuma.’

Host: Ibrahim Malumfashi
Panelists: Maimuna Idris Sani Beli, Rahma Majid and Ado Ahmad Gidan Dabino
Conversation: With strong child marriage and trafficking themes, the indegenious language novel, Soyayya is doing much more in these times.

‘Debating Feminism.’

Host: Fatima Zahra Umar
Panelists: Abubakar Evuti, Hassana Mains and Abdulkareem Baba Aminu
Unpacking the patriachy-based, sexual constructs and discussing the misgivings men have on the controversial topic.

‘Eliminating Poverty in Nigeria.’

Host: Aisha Salaudeen
Panelists: Abubakar Suleiman, Amal Hassan and Muhammad Sani Abdullah
Starting the conversation on looking outwards and opening the doors of Northern Nigeria to outside investors.

‘The Possibilities of Pan Africanism.’

Host: Olaokun Soyinka
Speaker: Samia Nkrumah
Engaging on the possibility of Pan Africanism in West Africa.

Source: Kabafest2019


Everyone has a story.

Even mild-mannered whistle blowers with an usually short fuse for acts of illegal surveillance.

SNOWDEN proves this in a recently released memoir titled, ‘Permanent Records.’

His views about his world-shaking, far-reaching controversial reveal, remains unchanged.

“Whereas other spies have committed espionage, sedition and treason,” he writes, “ I would be aiding and abetting an act of journalism.”

“Permanent Record” weaves together personal intel and spycraft info, much of it technologically elaborate yet clearly explained. You’ll also learn that even in our fragmented era, the tools of mass surveillance have revealed one thing that seems to connect almost everyone who’s online: porn.
“This was true for virtually everyone of every gender, ethnicity, race and age,” Snowden writes, “from the meanest terrorist to the nicest senior citizen, who might be the meanest terrorist’s grandparent, or parent, or cousin.”

This is funny, but it’s ominous, too. Without belaboring his points, Snowden pushes the reader to reflect more seriously on what every American should be asking already. What does it mean to have the data of our lives collected and stored on file, ready to be accessed — not just now, by whatever administration happens to be in office at the moment, but potentially forever?

Should such sensitive work be outsourced to private contractors? What entails effective “oversight” if the public is kept in the dark? When can concerns about “national security” slip into bids for unchecked power?

Snowden doesn’t reveal too much about his life in exile. He and Lindsay have since married, renting a two-bedroom apartment in Moscow, where he beams out his image through a screen-on-wheels, nicknamed the “Snowbot,” giving talks about privacy to audiences around the world.

He says he takes care to avoid being recognized in public — “but nowadays everybody’s too busy staring at their phones to give me a second glance.”

Source: The NewYork Times
Image: The same


On Thursday, the inaugural set of students of the MultiChoice Talent Factory West Africa Academy were unveiled in a graduation ceremony after a full year of training in film and television production.

The graduation ceremony held at the Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos.

The students, both Nigeria and Ghana, underwent a 12-month tuition-free training in film and television production.

The MTF Academy was launched by MultiChoice in May 2018 to provide a platform for emerging African filmmakers to produce high quality content which tells the African story to Africans.

Chief Executive Officer, MultiChoice Nigeria, John Ugbe, who spoke at the event, explained that the graduates were selected from a pool of over 3,000 entries recorded during the selection process in 2018.

The MultiChoice Nigeria CEO applauded the students for staying resolute and completing the programme within the stipulated time.

Ugbe urged them to maintain the discipline and professionalism which helped them to excel and use the skills acquired to create a positive impact in the African film industry and the society in general.

Gilbert Bassey, a 26-year-old Nigerian, won a scholarship to enhance his skills at world-renowned New York Film Academy College of Visual & Performing Arts (NYFA) as he displayed his multidisciplinary abilities during the programme.

Also, Edmund Asamoah from Ghana won a two-week internship with Nihilent Limited, a Bollywood production.

Similarly, Joseph Adeniyi and Metong Minwon were rewarded with an AVID Media Composer License (in perpetuity) for the most-promising film video editor and an AVID Pro Tools License (in perpetuity) and dongle for the most-promising sound engineer respectively by Jasco Broadcast Solutions.

On his own part, Ugbe awarded the CEO Award for Entrepreneurship to two 24-year-olds, Kemi Adeyemi and Salma Saliu, for exhibiting great entrepreneurial skills during the year. They received $1,000 each for their exploits.

Source: The City News

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