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Social Media Week Lagos kicks off today

Social Media Week Lagos kicks off today!
Anyone, who has an interest that straddles technology and social is bound to be here.
The week will host amazing conversations across multiple industries with the theme; Human.X; human-first and experience-driven approaches to innovation.

The Lagos Review will be on ground to relay the conversations as they unravel.

Harvey Weinstein Has Been Found Guilty of Rape.

A jury convicted Mr. Weinstein of felony sex crime and rape, but acquitted him of the most serious charges against him, predatory sexual assault.

Harvey Weinstein is being sent immediately to jail to await his sentencing.

Harvey Weinstein, who long reigned as one of the most influential producers in Hollywood, was found guilty on Monday of two felony sex crimes after a Manhattan trial that became a watershed moment for the #MeToo movement.

But the jury acquitted Mr. Weinstein of the two most serious charges against him, predatory sexual assault.

The verdict offered a measure of justice to the dozens of women who have come forward with similar allegations against Mr. Weinstein. For many, the trial was a crucial test in the effort to hold powerful men accountable for sexual harassment in the workplace.

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Major Keys; Daily Highlights from Social Media Week Lagos. DAY 1

Social Media Week Lagos 2020 kicked off today with a myriad of interesting conversations across multiple industries, but our highlight for day 1 is on the Sterling Bank discourse.

When Sterling bank revealed the topic for their panel session at this year’s Social Media Week Lagos event, it got twitter-verse talking.

They called it, ‘Social Media Wars; Dreads, Tattoos and Passwords.’

But it wasn’t just the title alone that got the social space buzzing, but the lineup of panelists that were to engage the conversation.
Advocate and all round good guy, Sega.
Activist and 21st century superhero, Rugged man.
And surprisingly, PR person of the Nigeria police.
Renowned OAP, Gbemi O, was also on hand to steer the conversation across murky waters.
The conversation started civil-like with soft pointers at why the system is erroneously profiling young Nigerians based on their outward appearance.

It soon quickly devolved into accusations and counter accusations on the calibre of policemen that patrol the streets and the many other atrocities of the Nigeria police.
The audience were soon riled up, murmuring at intervals to convey their obvious displeasure at where the conversation was headed.

Sega, diplomatic as ever, fielded the angst of the crowd by mentioning the progress they were making in the fight against the unprofessional conduct of the police force.

The bill recently passed and signed to forestall further profiling of young people just by their appearance and the push for capital punishment to discipline men of the force who kill innocent citizens.

Here are some of our favourite quotes from the conversation:

“You can’t prejudge and be said to be inclusive at the same time.”

  • Abubakar Suleimen, MD Sterling Bank

“We need to begin to course correct and reimagine the failing system.”

  • Sega Link

“Nigerians are Nigeria’s problem. We need to begin to care beyond tweeting love emojis and really love by taking positive action.”

  • Ruggedman

“Anytime you tweet about the conduct of the police, it really affects us.”

  • Dolapo Badmos PRO, Nigeria Police

That’s it for today, watch this space and we’ll keep you posted about all the daily events.

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