Things to do while Social Distancing #Day4; Start Or Join A Challenge.

So everyone is paying attention right now.
It’s an unprecedented outcome that no strategist could have easily predicted.

Yet it’s happening. Social attention is at its peak and so you want to take advantage of it because it probably won’t last for long.


There are hundreds of spectacle-wearing, labcoat-clad, scientists all over the globe trying desperately to find a vaccine to combat the Corona virus epidermic and with the way they are toiling day and night, they probably will find a cure soon enough.

Meanwhile let’s do something fun for a change. There are many social challenges making the rounds right now and here’s your chance to join in on the social foolishness and get noticed for something other than office reports and corporate deadlines.

You owe it to your kids to pretend that you had fun at least once in your life.

Here are the challenges worth exploring:

  1. The Push Up Challenge: some isolated moron somewhere far away from this clime( no Nigerian would dare) decided that doing push ups would passs for a challenge and as expected it went viral.

So we have celebrities as well as trend vultures latching onto the strange challenge. It’s easy just do a video of yourself doing pushups and tag and challenge a friend.
Follow the hashtag #Pushupchallenge and #30dayChallenge to see who has done it and whether you want to have a go at it.

  1. The Singing challenge;
    kickstarted by movie producer Tyler Perry, it is an attempt by people to sing the popular song, ‘He’s got the whole world in his hands.’
    A soothing rendition in a time of turmoil.
    We have an amazing constellation of adopters of this trend, from Oprah Winfrey to Jessie Jay, Jennifer Hudson and a thousand other culture adopters.

Check out the challenge with #hesgotthewholeworldinhishands

But if these challenges somehow don’t excite you, then you can simply come up with an interesting challenge of your own, attach a hashtag to it and get your network to try it out.

You never know, it might just end of going viral.

Good luck with that though.

That’s all for #Day3.

See you tomorrow.

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