The Genius Of Virginia Hamilton: Celebrating A Literary Icon

The award-winning author was one of the most prolific writers in history.
Virginia Hamilton was a pioneer of afrofuturism, a celebrated literary icon, gifted storyteller and noted children’s book author who released more than two dozen books including, The House of Dies Drear, Justice and her Brothers, The People Could Fly, The Planet of Junior Brown, and Her Stories: African American Folktales, Fairy Tales and True Tales.

Hamilton’s family has a long history in Yellow Springs, Ohio, where she was born on March 12, 1936. The award-winning author’s maternal grandfather arrived in Yellow Springs via the Underground Railroad in the 1850s, and with him likely came a multitude of tales passed down from one generations to the next.

As a child, Hamilton found herself enthralled with reading and writing. She devoured countless books and won prizes in elementary school for her love of reading. Her family and teachers encouraged and helped cultivate what began as a passion for words that grew into a prolific talent.

Writing was perhaps destined to be a major part of Hamilton’s life as her father and husband were both poets, and one of her sisters worked as a journalist.

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