“The Flash 2”, “Superman” and other movies in production for the big screen

Will a “Man of Steel 2” come to a theatre near you anytime soon? That is the question. According to reports, a new Superman movie, as well as a slew of other superhero releases, are headed for the big screen.

According to an extensive – and exclusive – article by The Hollywood Reporter, a new Superman movie is in the works with the outlet noting “The project that would essentially be ‘Man of Steel 2’ is being produced by Charles Roven and is currently in a search for writers.”

Henry Cavill, whom many have been clamouring to take over as 007 in the James Bond series, has not been confirmed as signing up for a new Superman movie just yet. Also in the works is a JJ Abrams’ Superman movie, which is set to bring a black Superman into the DC Universe, with Ta-Nehisi Coates writing.

Aside from Superman, the article goes on to note that despite the issues surrounding the release of the upcoming “The Flash” movie, a sequel has already been written.

This time around “Aquaman 2” writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick has penned the script. The studio is also going ahead with “Wonder Woman 3”, with a script nearly finished, and Matt Reeves recently signed a first-look deal with Warner and is pushing forward with “Batman 2” and a Penguin spin-off show.

Warner Bros Discover boss David Zaslav has made it clear that he is looking to turn DC into a big screen success, much like what Marvel has done with the MCU – going as far as cancelling “Batgirl”, an HBO Max movie, when it was in post production.


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