The Artist Ladder Konnect (TALK) residency launches inaugural edition

After successful online sessions, with positive reviews and testimonials about the impact and depth of its content, The Artist Ladder Konnect (TALK)  launched an in-person programme on Monday, December 6, 2021 in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.


The Artist Ladder, an initiative of contemporary Art media company, ‘Art for a Reason, Africa’, was set up late 2019 for the support, opportunities, education, liaison, and career advancement of African artists and creatives.

According to a statement, after engaging in several projects and activities in line with its vision, TALK online series was launched some months ago, featuring insightful conversations with experts and practitioners within the Nigerian and global Art scene. 

It said that following a successful digital run, and with an apparent need for more extensive and intensive sessions, Art for a Reason, Africa is now set to launch a physical edition, TALK  Residency, a Hybrid (On-site and Off-site) immersive and participatory programme, designed to give emerging artists a rounded, transformational experience.


TALK Residency is a two-phased project, kicking off with an on-site five-day local residency designed to bring together six emerging and mid-career artists to operate outside their usual environment, providing them a space, as well as time to engage, reflect, connect and produce compelling work. During this phase, the artists-in-residence will engage in transformative and career-elevating discourse and exercises with visiting facilitators, as well as mentor-in-residence Olusegun Adejumo,  Nigerian post-war and contemporary Painter whose superior draughtsmanship is evidenced throughout the vast corpus of his paintings, drawings, and illustrations. 

On his motivation for being a part of this debut edition, Adejumo says “There is a saying that ‘when one teaches, two learn’. Drawing is my passion and the opportunity to teach it is an opportunity to further knowledge”

The first phase of The Artist Ladder Konnect Residency will ran from Monday, the 6th of December through Friday, the 10th of December, 2021 at The Love Portion Creative Hub in Ajah, Lagos.


Speaking about TALK Residency, the Director of the Programme, Blessing Bee Azubike, a Cultural Producer and Arts Consultant says “We are excited to launch TALK Residency, and through it, we aim to ‘Connect, Nurture and Transform’ emerging and mid-career artists.

Azubike, who aptly goes by the moniker ‘Chief ARTvocate’ is extremely passionate about the Arts and the development of the Artist. “I believe that the artist must be a witness to his time in history – documenting and interpreting the times” She explains “… and our goal for the residency is to cause a shift in the minds of the artist, as well as help them understand their role and power as social engineers, influencers and culture-shapers.”

One of the visiting facilitators, Imal Silva, an artist, business consultant and former Gallery owner, joining the Residency programme from Abuja says “The Residency is a time out to renew ones creative capabilities collaboratively. More importantly, it is a time to inspire and guide upcoming artists to find their path, to think critically and communicate their perspectives for the upliftment of humanity.”

After the first phase, an extension of the five-day programme will follow, with the residency participants returning to their homes, where their mentorship will continue for three months with various capacity-building activities, including studio and gallery visits and artist talks. 

To round off the on-site and off-site phases of the TALK programme, works inspired by and created during the residency will be displayed at an exhibition, set to hold in 2022.

TALK Residency programme is supported by Goethe Institut Lagos and The Love Portion Creative Hub.

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