The April Edition of Media Room Hub Is Dedicated to “The Frontline Soldiers”

The latest issue of Media Room Hub’s magazine spotlights the young health workers in the fight against COVID-19 in Nigeria. The April cover is a special tribute to all the frontline doctors, nurses and healthcare workers all over the world battling to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

The issue features five vibrant young frontline soldiers, Dr Adefunke Ayeni, Dr Akin Faminu, Dr Etiobhio Samuel Ose, Dr Bukola Ogunyemi and Dr Gbadamosi Adefemi (Foladavid) who are risking it all for us to stay safe as the world fights the pandemic. They are Nigerians and they are all medical doctors.

They spoke about the COVID-19, the risk of being at the front line, their dreams, aspirations and the disappointing state of health infrastructures in Nigeria amongst others.

Meet the young frontline heroes:

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