TerryTheVoice and Zlatan share inspirational journey with “Alhamdulillah” single

TerryTheVoice and Zlatan have recently collaborated on a captivating new single titled “Alhamdulillah,” in a musical odyssey that transcends borders. The Nigerian independent recording artiste’s trajectory in the music industry began on the airwaves, where his unwavering passion for music found its roots and blossomed into his debut single, “Price on My Head,” released back in 2019.

The latest release takes listeners on a profound journey through time, delving into the artistes’ humble beginnings. TerryTheVoice and Zlatan open up about the struggles, the scars left by hardships, and the formidable trials they faced on their ascent to stardom. The narrative explores the intriguing question: how did these stars emerge from the cosmic darkness, and how did a flower manage to bloom amidst the concrete?

The answer, they assert, is simple: Alhamdulillah. Praise be to God.

Acknowledging that their triumphs over the valley of darkness were not solitary endeavours, the artistes humbly reflect on the guiding hand of a divine sculptor shaping their fate. In a refreshing departure from self-aggrandizement, they resist the temptation to claim credit for their success, recognising themselves as God-made, not self-made.

As we immerse ourselves in the tale of these phoenixes rising from the ashes, TerryTheVoice and Zlatan invite audiences to press play, sharing in the profound sense of gratitude embedded in their latest musical offering.

For those eager to embark on this sonic journey, “Alhamdulillah” is available for streaming on various platforms. Connect with TerryTheVoice on Instagram and X to stay updated on his musical ventures and future releases.

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