Taylor Lautner says he was “scared” to go out in public amid “Twilight” fame

Taylor Lautner is looking back on the fame he experienced while starring in the Twilight film franchise, THR reports.

According to the report, during a sit-down interview on Today on Thursday, the actor reflected on being thrust into the spotlight at 16 years-old and the attention that followed while starring in the five-film franchise as Bella Swan’s friend and werewolf Jacob Black. The films were adapted from Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novels and cultivated a dedicated fandom, grossing over $3 billion at the box office. Amid the film’s success, Lautner explained that the fame would become overwhelming and he couldn’t “live a normal life” without being followed or recognized.

“Not many things in life can come and happen overnight. Fame can. It also can disappear overnight. When I was 16, 17, 18 years old, waking up and trying to just go out for a walk or go on a date and I had 12 cars waiting outside my house to follow me wherever I’m going or show up to an airport or anywhere, and you have thousands of fans screaming,” he told Jason Kennedy.

Lautner even admitted that for over 10 years he wouldn’t go to a grocery store, movie theater or mall out of fear of being recognized. When he finally visited a grocery store, he explained “It felt like freedom.” “I went so many years either not leaving my house, or if I did, hat, sunglasses, and just like, scared,” Lautner said. “It built up something inside of me where I didn’t know it, but I was scared to go out. I’d get super anxious to go out. So I just didn’t.”

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