Rebel Wilson says desire to have a baby inspired her weight loss journey

Rebel Wilson says her weight loss was inspired by her desire to have a baby.

Metro reports that the Pitch Perfect actress, 42, has been open about her dramatic weight loss, and mission to become healthier, and has revealed it was after visiting a fertility doctor.

The report says the actress planned to harvest and freeze her eggs, but was ‘taken aback’ when a doctor told her: ‘You’d do much better if you were healthier.’

‘I was taken aback. I thought, “Oh God, this’s guy’s so rude,’” she said.

‘He was right. I was carrying around a lot of excess weight. It’s almost like I didn’t think of my own needs. I thought of a future child’s needs that really inspired me to get healthier.’

Rebel, who has polycystic ovarian syndrome, said her goal wasn’t to get to a certain weight, but rather to be ‘the healthiest version’ of herself.

She added to People: ‘It was about dealing with the emotional issues that caused me to emotionally eat, and that’s a process.

‘You cry a lot, analyse things. I’d never done that before. It’s really hard to know why you don’t feel worthy when people look at my life on paper and say you’ve done all these amazing things. That’s what I’m trying to overcome.’

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