TasteMakers Africa Unveil THE THREAD; Conversations Beyond The Return- Volume 4.

Africa and the Diaspora come together for one virtual summit to plot our path to greatness and go beyond the year of return.

Africa is set to be empowered this season by a collective of tastemakers from across multiple industries at another edition of ‘The Thread ‘

The Thread is a virtual community event that’ll keep you inspired, entertained, and prepared for the possibilities ahead.

The Thread is a gathering of leaders, makers, and doers in Africa and throughout the diaspora sharing resources, strategies, and best practices for thriving and winning together in a post COVID-19 era.

No need to spend $1,000 on travel or take time off, come with your passion, love and desire to learn and connect with people committed to Pan-African approaches to success and well-being.

The event will feature world class speakers covering industries like art, tech, finance, entertainment, spirituality, and more.

There will be Virtual 1:1 video speed networking sessions, a virtual expo for black businesses, and community generated breakouts.

A moderated live chat runs throughout the event making sure you’re apart of the conversation.

DJ Young Wavy Fox will be spinning a diasporic set with afrobeats, hip hop, trap, reggae, baile funk, grime, and more

There will also be ‘An All New Pre-Party’ Session featuring top DJ’s from across Africa and the Diaspora for a battle event.

You will need to register to attend so you get the latest full event experience to include the following guests.

Motheo Moeng

Amadou Fall
Managing Director, NBA Africa

Assa Traore
Leader, Justice for Adama

Chike Ukaegbu
Ex-Presidential Candidate, Nigeria

Ian Conyers
Former State Senator, Michigan

La Guardia Cross
Creator, New Father Chronicles

Jehiel Oliver
CEO, Hello Tractor

Adabesi Osunsade
Founder, Hustle Crew

Ade Adesanya
President, Moving Analytics

Blitz the Ambassador
Artist and Filmmaker

Charles Sekwalor
Founder, MoveMeBack

Claude Grunitzky
Editor-in-Chief, True Africa

Karen The Momtrotter
Writer, Speaker and Advocate

Kellee James
CEO, Mercaris

Lakeisha Ford
Managing Director and Ghana Repatriate

Lindsey Day
Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Crown Mag

Marie Sy
Founder, MBR Studio

Mashariki Williamson

Michelle Saahene
Speaker and Activist

Monet Hambrick
Creator, The Traveling Child

Neku Atawodi
Investor and Polo Champion

Olivia Watkins
Co-Founder, Black Farmer Fund

Paulo Rodrerio Nunes
Co-Founder, Dendê Valley

Pierre Thiam
Chef, Social Entrepreneur and Culinary Ambassador

Poema Jones
Founder and Artist

Pops Mensah-Bonsu
General Manager, NBA G League

Rakia Finley
Founding Partner, Copper & Vine Studio, Co.

Sam Lambert
Co-Founder, Art Comes First

Shaka Maidoh
Co-Founder, Art Comes First

Tosin Makinde
Digital Storyteller

Twilight Bey
Community-Led Social Intervention Specialist

Wendy-Ann Clarke
Multimedia Journalist

Yvette Gayle
Head of Communications and Engagement, Africa Creative Agency
Previous Speakers

Ashtin Berry
Community Architect, Radical Xchange

Aala Mara
Founder, Aala Care


James Bartlett

Sam Adegoke
Artist and Activist

Ezinne Kwubiri
North America, Head of Inclusion & Diversity, H&M

Penda N’Diaye
Founder, Pro Hoe

Eddie Kadi

Colin Asare-Appiah

Bheki Dube
Founder, Curiocity

Fatmata Binta
Chef Entrepreneur, Fulani Kitchen

David Wilson
Co-Founder, AFAR Ventures

Manushka Magloire
Director, Social Impact and Community, Afropunk

Swaady Martin
Founder, Yswara

Meryanne Loum-Martin
Owner, Jnane Tamsna

Walla Elsheikh
Founder & CEO, Birthright AFRICA

Rokhaya Diallo
Journalist, Writer, Film Director

Akinyi Ochieng
Marketing, Nova Credit

Candi Castleberry
VP, Diversity Partnership Strategy and Engagement, Twitter

Kofi Anku
Partner, Ayi Mensah Park

Maat Petrova

Morgan Fykes
Founder, DCFunemployment

Obataiye Samuel

Pierre-Christoph Gam

🐤 Early Bird – $0
until May 21, 2020
Full Ticket – $5
until May 25, 2020
Proceeds benefit Birthright AFRICA and the Africa Tourism COVID-19 Relief Initiative

Courtesy Tastemakers Africa

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