Unbelievable but true; Taruwa, Lagos’ official gathering for an eclectic mix creatives is 12.

And it’s just a few days away.

Taruwa after 12 years of entertaining art-lovers, poets and music lovers is still going strong.

The 12th anniversary celebration will be on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 and they are set to curate an amazing show with beautiful performances, scintillating conversations, a fun Miss Taruwa 2019 beauty+brains pageant and the promise of an unexpected headliner.

As all true Taruwa fans know, the Taruwa event is free 11 months of the year and ticketed only on their anniversaries.
The anniversary edition tickets are on sale for 5k each.

Taruwa is a gathering for art-lovers seeking beautiful Music, Poetry, Dance, Theatre & Comedy; it holds on the last Tuesday of every month.

Source & photo credit: Taruwa 
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