Spice Girls’ Mel C announces first autobiography “Who I Am”

Mel C has announced she is writing her first ever autobiography, titled Who I Am, after finally feeling ready to ‘tell her story’. 

The Spice Girls star, 48, real name Melanie Chisholm, Metro reports,will finally give fans a look at her life, from her childhood in the North-West of England, to conquering the world as part of the Spice Girls. 

According to the report, Mel’s book will let fans see what it was really like for her in the world’s biggest girl band in their heyday, as well as the difficult lows she has been through in her life. 

The singer will open up for the first time about the pressures of fame, the shaming and bullying she experienced as well as her own struggles with her mental health and body image.

Mel said of her upcoming book: ‘It’s taken a long time to feel ready to tell my story. The last few years have given me an opportunity to reflect on the incredible career I’ve had and the huge obstacles I’ve managed to overcome. 

‘I’ve really enjoyed going back and reminding myself of the wonderful journey life has been so far. I’m very excited to share my experiences with you all.’

Editorial Director Oliver Holden-Rea of Welbeck Publishing added: ‘Melanie is an icon and an inspiration to so many people; and, given the incredible life she’s led, I would always have wanted to publish her book.

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