South Park set to shoot more movie-length specials

South Park’s movie-length specials aren’t going anywhere, with two more announced for this year, Digital Spy reports.

According to the report, although the animated sitcom’s episodic material has been scarce for the past few years, it’s still given fans plenty to watch with four pandemic specials on Paramount+, including South Park: Post Covid and South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid.

Attending the recent Television Critics’ Association, spokespeople for South Park were questioned on whether the specials will always premiere at the end of the year and if they would be split into two parts.

“Not necessarily always at the end of the year and not necessarily two-part events. We’re keeping those options [open], and like we said we’re incredibly flexible in terms of bringing those stories to Paramount+, but there will be two this year,” was their response (via ScreenRant).

At this rate of two per year, the team’s contractual obligation of 14 movies for Paramount+ will be honoured by 2027.

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