Sophie Kinsella opens up about cancer battle

Sophie Kinsella, beloved for her Shopaholic series, revealed on Wednesday her ongoing fight against glioblastoma, a challenging form of brain cancer, reports. 

Kinsella, born Madeleine Sophie Wickham, disclosed her diagnosis, which occurred at the close of 2022, via Instagram, sharing her journey with her legion of followers.

Under the care of London’s University College Hospital, Kinsella underwent successful surgery, followed by a regimen of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which she continues to undergo. Despite the exhausting treatments, Kinsella remains stable but acknowledges the toll on her energy and memory.

The outpouring of support from fans and colleagues flooded her post, showcasing the impact of her work on readers worldwide. Penguin Books and individuals alike extended messages of love and strength.

Sophie Kinsella at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in Scotland in 2016. Image: Awakening/Getty Images

Glioblastoma, the most prevalent malignant brain tumour in adults, presents various symptoms, including seizures, headaches, speech difficulties, memory loss and vomiting. Treatment options range from surgery to innovative therapies like electric field therapy.

In her candid post, Kinsella expressed gratitude to her support network and offered words of encouragement to fellow cancer fighters, emphasising the importance of solidarity during tough diagnoses.

Despite her health battles, Kinsella remains an inspiration, with her latest book, The Burnout, released in October 2023.

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