SoMogo Stories: A Musical Celebration Of Storytelling Across The African Continent

Join Duke Amanda Chorus, Duke’s premier African Choir, for our third annual SoMogo Musical Showcase.

Built on the spirit of pan-Africanism, this showcase is designed as a unifying celebration of the lineages of storytelling shared across the African continent. From West African Griots of the Mande empire of Mali, female Fulani Yelaa griots, to thriving oral storytelling, Hikayat, in Marrakech, Morocco, where the Hikayat, to epic Kenyan tales, Ethiopian Azmari’s, to Southern African traditions of sharing stories of not only resistance but those that taught morals and lessons. Utilizing a rich mixture of stories and music from Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Africa, Amandla Chorus hopes to bring about a renewed interest in storytelling, African folklore, and local and international African music.

SoMogo was coined from the combination of two words in the Dyula language of Ivory Coast, Mali, and Burkina Faso: ‘So’ meaning home and ‘Mogo’ meaning people.

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