Solidstar serenades fans with new love anthem ‘Necessary’

Solidstar, whose real name is Joshua Iniyezo, has made a stunning return to the music scene with his soulful new single “Necessary,” after a brief hiatus. This marks the beloved Nigerian singer’s third release of 2024, reaffirming his status as a prominent voice in the Afrobeats genre.

Fans who first fell in love with Solidstar’s music over a decade ago with his hit debut single “One in a Million” will find “Necessary” a delightful continuation of his musical journey. The track combines Solidstar’s signature velvety vocals with contemporary production, resulting in a fresh yet familiar sound that resonates deeply.

“Necessary” delves into the profound theme of love’s essential role in a relationship. With heartfelt lyrics such as “Loving you is necessary,” the song captures the incredible feeling of mutual affection and understanding between partners. Solidstar’s emotive delivery underscores the song’s message, making it a compelling listen for anyone who values love and connection.

In a recent statement, Solidstar shared his inspiration behind the song: “When I was writing ‘Necessary,’ I thought about the elements of a good and healthy relationship. Love and understanding are crucial—it has to be 50/50. You love the woman, and she loves you back because loving is necessary.”

The release of “Necessary” not only highlights Solidstar’s vocal prowess but also his ability to create relatable and meaningful music. As fans eagerly stream the new single, it’s clear that Solidstar’s return is a welcome one, promising more heartfelt tunes in the future.

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