“Silicon Valley”, “Midnight Mass” stars team up for new horror movie

Silicon Valley‘s Amanda Crew and Midnight Mass actor Zach Gilford will fend off disturbed kids in a new horror flick, Digital Spy reports.

The publication states that according to Variety, director Roxanne Benjamin’s movie There’s Something Wrong with the Children is already shooting in New Orleans, with a script by TJ Cimfel and David White.

An official synopsis for the project reads: “Margaret (played by Alisha Wainwright) and Ben (Gilford) take a weekend trip with longtime friends Ellie (Crew) and Thomas (Carlos Santos) and their two young children (Briella Guiza and David Mattle).

“Eventually, Ben begins to suspect something supernatural is occurring when the kids behave strangely after disappearing into the woods overnight.”

Are we looking at a variation on Children of the Corn – Stephen King’s iconic tale of adults being preyed upon by evil youngsters?

Whilst we’re wading through the horror genre, you might want to check out Antlers whilst it’s still in cinemas.

Awarding the Scott Cooper-directed creature-feature four stars in our review, Digital Spy wrote: “Antlers contains one of the best on-screen horror creatures in years. The influence of producer Guillermo Del Toro is clear to see, but this is unlike anything he’s done. It’s a terrifying, awe-inspiring and beautifully designed creation that we don’t want to spoil even a bit. All we can guarantee is that once you see it, you won’t forget it.

“While the movie is a slow-burn horror for the most part (potentially too glacially-paced for some horror fans), Cooper doesn’t let up once the creature is unveiled. There’s a breakneck pacing to the final third that rarely pauses to let you off the hook, bar one awkwardly crowbarred-in exposition dump.” 

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