Sheryl Crow covers Peter Gabriel’s ‘Digging In The Dirt’ for upcoming album ‘Evolution’

Sheryl Crow has unveiled a captivating rendition of Peter Gabriel’s iconic track “Digging In The Dirt,” featuring the man himself lending his vocals, per

The electrifying cover serves as a teaser for the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter’s highly anticipated 11th studio album, “Evolution,” slated for release on March 29.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the cover, Crow shares, “Peter’s song is the cornerstone of my new album. It encapsulates the journey of introspection and self-discovery, which resonated deeply with me.” The collaboration with Gabriel adds a profound layer of significance to the project, as Crow expresses her gratitude, stating, “Having Peter contribute to this track, which holds immense personal significance for me, is an absolute honour.”

Sheryl Crow
(Image credit: Dove Shore)

Originally penned by Gabriel for his 1992 album Us, “Digging In The Dirt” delves into themes of self-examination amidst the aftermath of a relationship. Crow’s rendition pays homage to the original while infusing her signature style, creating a compelling musical narrative.

“Evolution” promises a diverse sonic landscape, with tracks like “Alarm Clock” and “Love Life” showcasing Crow’s versatility as an artiste. With Gabriel’s collaboration adding to the album’s allure, anticipation is high for what promises to be a captivating musical journey.

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