Seyi Shay shares an enchanting sequel,“Feels Like Home Vol 2”

Seyi Shay just dropped the second installment of her Feels Like Home series in a harmonious encore to her musical journey. This follows the exceptionally talented British-Nigerian singer and songwriter’s success with Feels Like Home Vol 1 released a mere two months ago. 

Hailing from Tottenham, London, Seyi Shay’s musical roots run deep, as she continues to captivate audiences with her versatile artistry. Influenced by her mother’s celestial voice in the church choir, her sister’s tunes for the BBC, and her brother’s beats in London’s vibrant club scene, this eclectic blend of influences has shaped Seyi Shay’s distinctive sound, evident in her debut album Seyi or Shay (2015), Electric Package (2018) and Big Girl (2021).

Feels Like Home Vol 2 is a melodic fusion of Nigerian, South African and UK influences, featuring four tracks that showcase Seyi Shay’s unparalleled vocal prowess. The EP kicks off with “Yahweh,” a mesmerising Amapiano production that highlights Seyi Shay’s vocal range. “Something Sweet” seamlessly weaves in the nostalgic essence of For The Streets, while “Soft Life” emerges as an anthemic ode to the desire for a luxurious existence. The EP concludes with the empowering track “Lookin’,” where Seyi Shay revels in her awesomeness.

In discussing the project, Seyi Shay expressed her desire to experiment with new sounds and share her creative evolution with her dedicated fan base. With a deliberate focus on quality over quantity, Feels Like Home Vol 2 is a musical gift to those who appreciate Seyi Shay’s commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

As fans embark on this sonic journey, Seyi Shay invites them to explore the rich tapestry of her music, celebrating the convergence of past sounds and future beats. Feels Like Home Vol 2 is now available here, offering a delightful continuation of Seyi Shay’s musical narrative.

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