Rick Ross and Ja Rule seem to form alliance against 50 Cent

Rick Ross and Ja Rule joined forces at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Seminole, Florida, seemingly uniting against their common adversary, 50 Cent, HipHopDX reports. The MMG and Murder Inc. rappers, along with former 50 Cent rival Fat Joe, gathered to celebrate the launch of craps, roulette and sports betting.

In an Instagram video, Rick Ross confidently addresses the camera, hinting at the brewing collaboration, while Ja Rule expresses camaraderie with a shout-out to the “Miami mogul.” The trio, accompanied by notable figures like NBA legend Dwyane Wade, Mike Tyson and Steven Van Zandt, presented a formidable front.

As tensions between 50 Cent and Rick Ross escalated, with 50 mocking Ross’s recent album sales and dragging him into Diddy’s controversy, Ross responded by taking shots at 50’s personal life and flaunting his wealth. The feud intensified further when Ross associated himself with Kenneth McGriff Jr., son of the alleged mastermind behind 50 Cent’s 2000 shooting.

Ja Rule, previously embroiled in conflicts with 50 Cent, also shared a video at a craps table with Rick Ross and former Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade. The unexpected alliance raises questions about Fat Joe’s stance, considering his history with 50 Cent. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen if Fat Joe will once again be a target for 50 Cent, who, as of now, has not responded to the footage of his adversaries bonding.

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