Saturday at Aké Arts and Book Festival

The Aké Arts and Book Festival in Lagos continues to captivate audiences, promising an even more enriching experience on Saturday, November 25. The second day of the festival showcased a dynamic blend of book chats, insightful panel discussions, and a delightful mix of literary and cultural expressions.

Bolu Babalola’s Honey and Spice Book Chat takes centre stage

Saturday’s schedule kicks off with a captivating Book Chat featuring Bolu Babalola, unravelling the layers of her literary creation, “Honey and Spice.” The session, hosted by Amyn Bawa-Allah, promises a deep dive into the enchanting world crafted by the author.

Panel Discussion: The Democratisation of Knowledge

Engage in a thought-provoking dialogue during the panel discussion on “The Democratisation of Knowledge,” featuring Elias Wondimu, Petina Gappah, and Mkuki Bgoya. Angela Wachuka will steer the conversation, exploring avenues to make knowledge accessible to all.

Olusegun Aganga explores Reclaiming the Jewel of Africa

Delve into the narratives of Olusegun Aganga as he discusses “Reclaiming the Jewel of Africa.” Joseph Ike will guide this Book Chat, offering insights into the author’s perspectives on Africa’s future.

Bisi Adjapon Unveils Daughter in Exile

Join Bisi Adjapon in a riveting Book Chat where the spotlight turns to Daughter in Exile. Hosted by Olaokun Soyinka, the session promises to unravel the intricate tales woven in Adjapon’s work, including the compelling story of Lucky Girl.

Panel Discussion: What’s Cooking in Nigeria’s Gender Wars

A dynamic panel discussion awaits as Maryam Laushi, Buchi Onyegbule, and Oluwatofunmi Alo dissect “What’s Cooking in Nigeria’s Gender Wars.” Aisha Salaudeen will guide the discourse, shedding light on pressing gender issues in Nigeria.

Dipo Faloyin Explores Africa is not a Country

Dive into the realm of Dipo Faloyin’s Africa is not a Country during an engaging Book Chat hosted by Ruona Meyer. Discover the uncommon wealth embedded in the narratives presented by Kojo Koram.

Africa Connect Reception: A Confluence of Literary Minds

The festival concludes with the Africa Connect Reception, hosted by Lola Shoneyin. This gathering promises an evening of literary camaraderie with Willemijn Lamp, Teresa Grotan, Estefania Perez, Angeles Jurado, Lavinia Frey, and Kholod Saghir.

Palm Wine and Poetry: A Night of Cultural Bliss

Wrap up the day with an enchanting evening of Palm Wine and Poetry, hosted by Wana Udobang. Immerse yourself in the lyrical expressions of Debbie Johnson, Tomilola Coco Adeyemo and Bash Amuneni.

As the Aké Arts and Book Festival enters its third day, anticipation runs high for the literary and cultural gems yet to be unveiled, promising a weekend of enlightenment and literary indulgence.

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