Samiama makes a powerful return with “Intermission” EP

The music world is abuzz with excitement as soulful sensation Samiama makes her triumphant return with the release of her latest EP, Intermission. This talented artiste, originally hailing from Kaduna but with a musical journey spanning across Benin, Port Harcourt, and the UK, is back after taking a much-needed break to reflect, recharge, and create something truly remarkable.

Samiama’s musical journey started at an early age, but it was in Port Harcourt City that she recorded her first song, “Jejeli,” at The Tree House studio when she was just 18. Her passion for music was so intense that she even skipped school to audition for Nigerian Idol, setting the stage for a career filled with soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Her earlier work includes singles like “Fire” (2019), “Uncertain Times” (2020), and the EP “In the Valley” (2019).

Now, with her latest EP, Intermission, Samiama offers listeners a glimpse into her personal and musical evolution. The tracks on this project are a reflection of her experiences during and after a challenging period in her life, expressing emotions, pain, self-discovery, and the strength to overcome adversity.

In her own words, Samiama states, “This new project is significant to me because it’s the first time I’ve had the confidence and life experience to express myself fully. I address my fears, desires, regrets, and disappointments. Yes, I’ve had my fair share of wins, but like everyone, I sometimes dwell on my losses. However, this time is different; it’s about self-acceptance. I’m embracing myself, understanding my desires, and truly feeling the freedom I’ve fought for as a young woman. I’m proud of this project, not just because I composed and produced it, but because it represents my personal growth.”

Intermission is a seamless blend of soul and R&B, perfect for those introspective moments, perhaps accompanied by a cup of coffee on a rainy day. Samiama’s soft vocals and vulnerability make her a soul queen, and she collaborated with the talented Brum3h, Lobi, and CyberTiger to craft this exceptional musical journey.

After months of dedication and hard work, Intermission is finally available for the world to experience. This EP is a testament to Samiama’s growth as an artist and as an individual. To be part of this transformative musical experience, listeners can press play and immerse themselves in the soulful sounds of Samiama’s Intermission.


  1. The Breakdown (Intro) (Prod by Brum3h)
  2. Dream Lover (Prod by Olaoluwa David Adebayo)
  3. It’s You (Prod by Brum3h, CyberTiger)
  4. It wasn’t You (Prod by Brum3h, CyberTiger)
  5. Time (Prod by Olaoluwa David Adebayo)
  6. The Breakthrough (Prod by Brum3h, CyberTiger)

Listen to Intermission here.

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Samiama’s return is a testament to the power of self-expression and personal growth through music, and Intermission promises to be a musical experience that resonates with fans old and new.


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