S Club reunites to release new song in tribute to Paul Cattermole

The surviving former members of the British pop group S Club 7 have reunited to record a new song under the name of S Club. “These are the Days” is set for release on Wednesday, July 27.

Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Bradley McIntosh, Jo O’Meara and Rachel Stevens performed the track, which was penned by Cathy Dennis, Simon Ellis, Johanne Ellis and producer John Nathaniel. It pays tribute to Paul Cattermole, who died in April of heart issues. He was 46.

The song was written just a few days after Paul Cattermole’s death and the video for the song features the five remaining members of S Club reminiscing about their time together. The release is also part of a campaign to raise awareness of heart health issues.

The band is planning to continue with their 25th anniversary reunion tour, which was originally scheduled to include Paul Cattermole.

Sure to be a hit with fans of the group, who have been eagerly awaiting new music from them, the song is a nostalgic look back at the band’s career, with lyrics about the good times they shared together.

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