Runda’s “Beautiful Lies” EP tells of love and deception

Runda’s name gained widespread recognition through his cover of Davido’s “Jowo,” amassing more than four million streams on multiple platforms back in 2020, when the world was grappling with a lockdown.

Runda, the Nigerian singer and songwriter, is pouring his heart and soul into his latest creation, “Beautiful Lies.” Born as Oluwapelumi Olorunda on the lively streets of Agege, Lagos, Runda’s journey is that of a shy high school kid who transformed into a music sensation.

He took his first musical steps at the age of 16. Drawing inspiration from legends like Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Wizkid, and 2face, whose sounds he grew up listening to.

He hit milestones with “Fire Can’t Cool” in 2018 and the DJ Neptune collaboration, “Bembe,” in 2020.

“Runda EP” marked the inception of his musical path, songs like “Good Girl,” “Monaco,” and “No One” served as a platform to showcase his artistry.

Today, Runda presents “Beautiful Lies,” an EP that explores the profound depths of love and relationships. It’s a classic tale where words are the tokens of affection, casting a spell of commitment, betrayal, devotion, solace, love, and duplicity.

Inside “Beautiful Lies,” Runda crafts a tale where sweet expressions and subtle illusions act as the tools for healing a woman’s heart. It’s the finesse of romantic pursuit amid a sea of contenders, echoing the adage that “men are swayed by appearances, while women are chiefly swayed by spoken words.” The EP embodies the strength of language, sometimes adorned with innocent falsehoods, to fulfill her desires.

The apex of this expedition comes to life when love unexpectedly springs forth from the undercurrent of yearning, shattering expectations and societal traditions. Runda’s lyrical finesse comes to the forefront as he artfully guides these extraordinary women into a world of love, passion, remorse, and conviction.

Runda’s artistry shines as he artfully leads these exceptional women into a world of love, desire, penitence, and conviction.

“Beautiful Lies” merges the grooves of pop, and R&B, finding its rhythm in Runda’s verses. Collaborations with artists such as Cheque, Dai Verse, and Psycho YP add depth, making this EP a musical jewel.


  1. Feeling Sexy (Prod by Dawie)
  2. Beautiful Lies (Prod by dawie)
  3. Damaged feat. Dai Verse (Prod by dawie)
  4. My Fault
  5. Woman (Prod by dawie)
  6. Next To Me feat. Cheque and Psycho YP  (Prod by dawie)

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