Robert De Niro leads celebrity reactions to conviction of Donald Trump

News of former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict on 34 felony counts, related to attempts to cover up payments to conceal other crimes, has sparked a wave of reactions from celebrities, per

Robert De Niro, 80, shared his cautious optimism with Page Six: “I’m always very wary. I don’t wanna get too excited about anything. It’s as it should be. Justice has been served. That’s it.”

Barbra Streisand, 82, expressed her views on social media, criticising Trump’s lack of accountability. “Convicted felon Donald Trump is blaming the judge, the jury and New York for being found guilty on 34 counts,” Streisand wrote on Twitter. “He will never accept accountability for his crimes. Americans must not allow this felon anywhere near the White House again.”

Actor John Leguizamo, 63, celebrated the verdict, stating, “We are all cheering for justice and that no one is above the law!”

Lynda Carter, 72, humorously noted, “34 is now my favourite number,” while Ana Gasteyer, 57, joked, “In retrospect, I’m glad I decided not to drink every time they said guilty because I’d never have made it through making dinner.”

Conversely, Caitlyn Jenner, 74, decried the convictions as an injustice, saying, “An outrageous day for America. The entire process has been outrageous, of course. Shame on the state of New York. Shame on the corrupt DOJ.”


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