Rising star Dove Nicol presents “Under Pressure”, a powerful and inspiring new song

Dove Nicol, a rising star from Ghana, has released “Under Pressure”, a new single that speaks to anyone who has ever faced stress, anxiety, or self-doubt.

Dove Nicol speaks from personal experience on the powerful and inspiring song about the challenges she has faced as a woman in the music industry. But instead of dwelling on the negative, she takes a positive approach and declares her determination to overcome any obstacle in her way.

The message of the song is clear: no matter how difficult life gets, Dove Nicol is in control and will not be put under pressure.

“I wrote this song as a way to uplift myself and others who may be going through tough times,” says Dove Nicol. “It’s about taking back your power and refusing to let anyone or anything hold you down. I hope that listeners will feel inspired to do the same.”

The catchy beat and empowering lyrics of “Under Pressure” are sure to resonate with fans of all ages and backgrounds. This song is a testament to Dove Nicol’s talent and drive, and is sure to propel her even further into the spotlight.

Fans can stream “Under Pressure” on their favourite platforms and connect with Dove Nicol on Instagram and Twitter

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