Rihanna faces backlash over Puma collaboration amid calls for boycott

Rihanna’s recent fashion collaboration with Puma has stirred controversy on social media, with calls for a boycott of the sports apparel brand. The singer, known for her previous successful partnerships with Puma, unveiled the new Puma Creeper designs as part of her Fenty fashion brand.

According to a Newsweek report, the campaign faced criticism online due to Puma’s sponsorship of the Israel Football Association (IFA). Calls for a boycott intensified following a surprise attack by Hamas on southern Israel, leading to a deadly conflict. The BDS movement, which advocates for boycotting entities associated with Israel, targeted Puma for its support of the IFA, claiming its involvement in illegal settlements.

Despite the social media backlash, Rihanna has not publicly addressed the conflict. Some users expressed disappointment with her collaboration with Puma, accusing her of supporting an Israel-backed brand. Others defended Rihanna, emphasizing the focus should be on boycotting Puma rather than criticizing the artist.

Rihanna’s history of expressing concern about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict resurfaced online, including a 2021 Instagram post and a deleted “#FreePalestine” hashtag in 2014. The complexities of navigating political tensions in the region have made it challenging for celebrities to take a stance without facing criticism.

As the controversy continues, fans remain divided, with some pledging support for Puma and Rihanna’s collaboration, while others join the call for a boycott. The broader debate underscores the challenges celebrities face when addressing complex geopolitical issues on social media.

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