Recording of unreleased John Lennon song sells for $58,300 at auction

A rare cassette recording of John Lennon and Yoko Ono has been sold for $58,300 (£43,000) at an auction in the Danish capital Copenhagen, reports the BBC.

The 33-minute audio track, according to the report, was made by four Danish teenagers more than 50 years ago, and just months before the Beatles announced their break-up.

It features an interview with the couple and what is believed to be a never-released song.

The auction house said the cassette tape would probably be bought by a museum or collector before it opened bidding on Tuesday.

The buyer, who remains unknown, made a telephone bid for the cassette, which was sold along with photographs of the schoolboys with Lennon and a copy of a school newspaper.

In January 1970 a group of schoolboys set out to meet the iconic musician and interview him for their school newspaper.

“We were a bunch of 16-year-old hippies,” says Karsten Hoejen, who made the recording. They were mostly interested in Lennon and Ono’s peace campaigns, he says.

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