#QuramoWritersPrize Entry -‘The Shades of a Thing Ugly’ by Udochukwu Everest C

‘The Shades of a Thing Ugly’ by Udochukwu Everest C makes the shortlist of 15 for this year’s #QuramoWritersPrize .

Here’s an excerpt from the shortlisted manuscript.

She saw her streak of misfortune strung together like a rhyme of haunting words. What debilitated her in particular was not just the happenings, but the “agains” attached to them; the stalking demon of recurrence that found glee in tailing her. It was the fourth year of wedlock and the same problem slapped her in the face again, resurrecting all the flagging memories of the distasteful event that had been victimising her womb. It pained her it was taking much longer than she expected to name her first son, Chibụnna, and her first daughter, Adachukwu, as she told Ben every time she got pregnant.

Announcement of the winner for this year’s #QuramoWritersPrize will be made on Sunday, December 15 , 2019 at Qfest 2019.

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