#QuramoWritersPrize Entry- ‘What Dreams Are Made Of’ by Vivian Onyekachi Ibe

‘What Dreams Are Made Of’ by Vivian Onyekachi Ibe makes the shortlist of 15 for this year’s #QuramoWritersPrize

What just happened? I could not believe my ears. I had just been shot then placed in charge of a very important case. A case that could make or end my career, depending on the outcome. I was tense. It was 3:10 am and sleep was not around the corner. I was pumped up, thanks to the activities of the last 24 hours. This weekend wasn’t like any weekend I had ever experienced. The radio blared cool music as I drove home to catch some sleep. It might be the last sleep I’d get in a while. I tried to concentrate on the music, but it was not working. My mind kept drifting back to the case. How had the son of a governor gotten involved in this kind of situation? What could have happened?

Announcement of the winner for this year’s #QuramoWritersPrize will be made on Sunday, December 15 , 2019 at Qfest 2019.

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