Psycho YP teams up with Ajebo Hustlers on summer smash “Not My Fault”

Psycho YP has teamed up with the dynamic duo Ajebo Hustlers to bring you their latest hit single “Not My Fault”. 

The track is the perfect blend of Afrobeat and Hip-Hop, guaranteed to get you on your feet. 

This would make the first official release by the Nigerian music sensation this year after releasing “YPSZN3” in November last year, the third instalment of his critically acclaimed “YPSZN” series. The mixtape peaked at Number 1 on the Apple Music Hip-Hop chart and Number 3 across all genres.

Psycho YP brings the heat this year with his smooth flow and Ajebo Hustlers’ unique sound on “Not My Fault” creating a must-listen for fans of Nigerian music, produced by Apex Village finest Thrill Max, Ramoni and additional production from Trill Xoe. Don’t miss out on this collaboration of Nigeria’s hottest acts right now, all hailing from the city of Port Harcourt, in anticipation for Psycho YP’s upcoming EP, “Osapa London”.

Aptly described as the “Fresh Prince of Nigerian rap”, 24-year-old culture icon Psycho YP is one of the pioneers and leaders of the new wave of rap and hip-hop music in Nigeria. As a multi-faceted artiste with a diverse and progressive sound that cuts across rap, trap, grime, drill and R&B music, Psycho YP was crowned the best rapper in Africa by NATIVE, and acknowledged as one of the 10 Nigerian artistes to watch by Complex. Psycho YP already boasts one of the best rap discographies on the continent, and he is only just getting started.


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