Production halts on Jamie Foxx’s film starring Cameron Díaz after “major meltdown” on set

Actor Jamie Foxx has reportedly had a “meltdown” on the set of his new film “Back In Action” and fired multiple people working on the production.

This is said to have sadly resulted in the decision of Cameron Diaz to quit acting again after the Ray actor recently coaxed her back into action.

According to reports, trouble started when Foxx, who had been filming the movie with Diaz in London, had a meltdown and fired four production staff.

Production has now been stalled due to an open investigation over a plot to scam celebrities out of money. The investigation “led to one staffer being sacked,” which follows the four staffers Foxx fired after his “major meltdown” on set.

A source in the know says the police was contacted over the incident after producers found out the same staffer has ties with previous attempts to extort large amounts of money from celebrities.

“There have been a lot of delays, especially with the weather thanks to filming outdoors in London in winter, but the latest issue is a bit more sinister,” says an unidentified source to The Sun. “One staffer has been sacked, and there are investigations after someone tried to get access to £33,000 in cash from Jamie Foxx.”

The individual suggested that the Oscar winning star was offered a luxury item, “It sounds as though they tried to offer up a Rolex watch as part of the deal but now there’s an investigation into everything going on. People will be glad when this thing finally wraps.”

Diaz retired from acting to concentrate on doing something she fell in love with more than being in front of the camera – being a mum. However, Foxx encouraged her to take a role in the Netflix film.

Diaz previously ended her acting career after appearing in 2014 movie Annie, and she has stayed out of the spotlight since with no movie or TV appearances until joining “Back in Action”. Now it seems her acting return has been short-lived for a handful of reasons. As well as citing Foxx’s on-set meltdown, the Daily Mail reported a source close to the actress as saying that the “back-to-back 10-hour work days have taken a toll on her and she hated being away from Raddix [her child]. Cameron loves being a mum more than anything in the world.” 

Working on the UK-based production has meant that Diaz has been away from her family, and after almost a decade being there all of the time, it is not hard to see why it is taking a toll.

Diaz and Foxx have previously starred together, in Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday and Diaz’s last movie, Annie


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