“Prison to Photography” by Seun Akisanmi and Uzezi Andesite out now

Prison to Photography, which tells the compelling story of how the author Seun Akisanmi was imprisoned in the United States of America and his road to a profession in photography, is ready.

Co-written by Uzezi Adesite, who runs the Lekki, Lagos-based Zayzee Limited, a provider of editorial services, she details in the introduction to the book how Akisanmi approached her to ghostwrite the book a few months after she became aware of the exciting tale.

“I picked up some bits and pieces of Seun’s story from his articles when we met in 2018. I didn’t have the full picture; the details about why he went to prison and all that transpired as a result,” Uzezi writes. 

According to her, she was nothing short of ecstatic when she learnt he planned to write his story, knowing that she “would be one of the first readers of the book because I was already intrigued by his personality and believed knowing his story would give me a better insight into who he is and the things he does”.

As fate would have it, Akisanmi decided that she should be the one to write his story. That day, one Saturday in 2019, has remained etched on her mind.

“We were both attending the curriculum review meeting of our class at Daystar Christian Centre as we are both teachers at the Junior Church, and we were standing outside the class of Little Stars 7,” she writes providing every detail.

She was not only excited but also honoured that he was going to let her into that vulnerable place to tell her his story.  

“As he narrated, I took a trip with him back in time and became not only a spectator but also a pupil because Seun’s story is an institution where I had to unlearn things I thought I knew to learn a different acceptance.

“Each time, while listening to the audio files we recorded, while transcribing and developing the story,  I was struck afresh by the magnitude of Seun’s experience and appreciated the strength in his seeming weakness as a defenceless prisoner, and the child no parent wants to have. Then, I would arrive at one of the reasons why I agreed to take on this project with him ― The turnaround,” she writes.

Stating that she is glad to have been a part of this project that would impact many lives positively, she adds that it gives her a feeling that she is fulfilling her purpose.

The book is now available at Roving Heights, Selar and Amazon.


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