Post Malone appears on stage with his nine awards to include top male artist and top artist at the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Post Malone opens up on personal struggles and parenthood in latest album “Austin”

Post Malone, the renowned rockstar, has shed light on the inspiration behind his latest album, Austin, named after his real name, Austin Post, in a recent interview,. 

Speaking with Morning Edition co-host A Martinez, Malone shared insights into his music-making process and the deeply personal themes embedded in the album.

When asked about the album’s name, Malone revealed that it originally started as an acoustic project before evolving into something more diverse. Explaining the album’s name choice, he playfully admitted that they couldn’t settle on a better title, suggesting quirky alternatives like “Don’t Eat the Chicken Nuggets, There’s Plastic in It.”

Austin delves into Malone’s struggles with self-confidence and anxiety, as evident in the lyrics of the opening track, “I Don’t Understand.” The artiste confessed that despite his fame and adoration from millions of fans, he faced late-onset self-confidence issues, leading him to second-guess himself. He emphasised the importance of trying his best for those who support him and making music he genuinely loves.

The interview also delved into the impact of fatherhood on Malone’s life. Being a father to his daughter, who is around 14 months old, has brought profound changes. He now cherishes spending time with her and refrains from excessive drinking and smoking indoors. Parenthood has given him a sense of purpose and made him the happiest he has been in years.

Malone expressed the joy of seeing his daughter react to his songs, particularly enjoying “Chemical,” which fills him with immense pride. He shared that his daughter’s love and unconditional support have been a source of strength and motivation during difficult times, leading him to a place of contentment and happiness.

Reflecting on his journey, Malone asserted that he now feels more like his authentic self, Austin. After years of searching for purpose and battling with uncertainties, he has found clarity and happiness. His ultimate goal is to be as carefree and joyful as a child, living life to the fullest while being there for his daughter.

With Austin, Post Malone delivers an album that delves into the depths of his soul, addressing his personal struggles, and showcasing his growth as an artiste and as a father. Fans can expect an emotionally charged and authentic musical experience that resonates with the core of human emotions.

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