PholaPreye unleashes electrifying remixes of chart-topping “Stupid Love” single

PholaPreye, the R&B powerhouse known for her soul-stirring melodies and empowering lyrics, is back with a bang as she drops the much-anticipated remixes to her chart-topping single “Stupid Love.” 

This remix EP promises an electrifying musical journey with three distinct remixes, each bringing a fresh twist to the original track. The EP, features remixes by acclaimed producers Sigag Lauren, BurssBrain, and Bigfootinyourface.

The first remix, crafted by Sigag Lauren, takes the track to the dance floor with an infectious Dance Mix. Bursting with vibrant beats, aimed at becoming a staple in clubs and parties worldwide.

BurssBrain’s contribution to the EP introduces an Amapiano Mix that blends the serene essence of “Stupid Love” with the trending Amapiano genre. The result is a mesmerizing fusion of smooth vocals and groovy Amapiano rhythms.

Lastly, Bigfootinyourface delivers a high-octane transformation with the D&B Mix. This Drum and Bass rendition injects an adrenaline rush into “Stupid Love,” giving it a bold and energetic makeover that is bound to appeal to fans of electronic music.

PholaPreye’s decision to collaborate with these renowned producers demonstrates her commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. The remixes pay homage to the original track while introducing innovative interpretations that showcase her versatility as an artist.

Listeners can now experience the captivating world of the “Stupid Love” Remixes EP on their preferred streaming platforms.


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