Peju Akande’s “Tales from the Streets” for March 28th launch

Peju Akande’s debut collection of short stories collected under the handle, “Tales from the Streets” is scheduled for launch on Saturday March 28, 2020 at the Records Room, Freedom Park, Broad Street Lagos. The event will run from 3pm to 6pm.

In his foreword to the book which is a compilation of Peju Akande’s popular stories published thrice weekly in her column on, Toni Kan co-founder writes:

“Tales from the Streets” is the biggest draw on the website and we have Peju to thank for it and now to commemorate her 50th birthday, she has collected the 50 best pieces into a beautifully designed and produced book. The cover design by Victor Ehikhamenor is a beauty and makes this a book that should find a spot on every bookshelf. Peju Akande’s stories collected in this book are visceral vignettes and glimpses of life as lived on the streets of Lagos, mostly, as well as in other cities around Nigeria. They are about life and death, laughter and tears, hope and despair. They will make you laugh then leave you blinded with tears.”

Toyin Akinosho, geologist and publisher, Africa Oil and Gas Report will review the book which is out on Ouida Books imprint, Tevani.

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