Pam Grier blames Samuel L. Jackson for N-word in Quentin Tarantino films

Pam Grier has said that the blame for the use of the N-word in films by Quentin Terantino films should go to Samuel L. Jackson rather than the filmmaker.

The actress, who starred in Tarantino’s 1997 film, Jackie Brown, recalled Thursday on SiriusXM how Jackson opted to add the N-word to many of his lines.

Tarantino is known for including the N-word in his movie scripts, but she swears Jackson is actually to blame for the number of times the word is uttered on screen.

“That was Sam’s acting craft doing it,” Grier told host Bevy Smith. “So, and people brought that up. And Quentin says, ‘I don’t know why they do it. I didn’t do it.’ And Sam said, ‘No, I did it. I said it.’”

Jackson has acted in several of Tarantino’s directorial efforts. Grier stated that the actor, in fact, ad-libbed many of the N-words uttered in Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown.

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