Outrage as Poonam Pandey’s ‘cervical cancer death’ revealed as publicity stunt

Poonam Pandey faces severe backlash after orchestrating a fake death announcement, claiming she succumbed to cervical cancer, per metro.com. The 32-year-old Bollywood actress and model initially shared the news on Instagram, expressing sorrow and emphasising the impact she had on others with “pure love and kindness.” However, the revelation that it was all a publicity stunt quickly followed in a video where Pandey declared her vitality and defended her actions.

Criticism poured in from social media users, condemning the insensitive hoax. Many voiced their displeasure, with some demanding legal consequences for Pandey’s controversial stunt. Despite her subsequent apology, followers expressed disappointment, asserting that she compromised her credibility.

In her defence, Pandey asserted that her intention was to shock people into discussing cervical cancer and promoting awareness. Despite her claim of success, the public reaction remained overwhelmingly negative, accusing her of exploiting a serious health concern for personal gain.

Even after Pandey incorporated a montage of celebrities and experts discussing cervical cancer in a follow-up video, critics persisted. Dr Cuterus, one of the featured individuals, distanced themselves from the campaign, calling it “insensitive” and “morally reprehensible.” A cervical cancer survivor, @bhangrabychristine, expressed disgust, emphasising the seriousness of the disease and condemning Pandey’s campaign as disrespectful.

The controversial move has left Poonam Pandey facing not only public backlash but also accusations of undermining genuine advocacy efforts for cervical cancer awareness.

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