Onyeka Nwelue out with ‘The Nigerian Mafia Johannesburg’

Onyeka Nwelue dives into the Johannesburg underworld with his latest release, The Nigerian Mafia Johannesburg. The gripping crime novel promises a tale of survival, betrayal and redemption set against the backdrop of South Africa’s bustling metropolis.

The story centres around Uche Mbadiegwu, a Nollywood actor who finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game after narrowly escaping trouble in Brazil. His path collides with Professor Bern Steyn, a renowned criminologist, as Johannesburg’s criminal underbelly comes to life.

Meanwhile, a web of deceit unfolds as the enigmatic businesswoman Huan Lin Zhang meets with the elusive Chuma Mpiga from the Department of Home Affairs. Their clandestine rendezvous hints at the power struggles and corruption simmering beneath the surface.

Adding another layer to the complex narrative is Tim Cletus, a self-proclaimed Nigerian pastor who operates as a ruthless racketeer. Trafficking women and wielding his influence, Cletus becomes a formidable force Uche must contend with.

‘The Nigerian Mafia Johannesburg’/Jacana Media

Caught in the crosshairs, Uche is offered a deadly proposition: eliminate Cletus for the Chinese or enforce brutal debt collection for Indian loan sharks. As he navigates the treacherous landscape of Johannesburg, Uche’s every move could be his last. 

Nwelue, a prolific scholar, filmmaker, and publisher, brings his multifaceted experience to The Nigerian Mafia Johannesburg. 

Published by Jacana Media, Nwelue promises a thrilling story that explores the human capacity for survival in the face of ultimate danger.

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