Omawumi unveils dazzling soulful sounds in latest LP “More”

Omawumi Megbele, renowned for her soul-stirring vocals and poignant storytelling, has once again left audiences captivated with her latest musical offering, the LP titled More.

From her notable start as the runner-up in the 2007 West African Idols competition, the Nigerian songstress known simply as Omawumi, has evolved into a musical force, weaving tales of love, faith and resilience. The artiste’s distinct voice and unique style have solidified her position as one of Nigeria’s most euphonious voices.

In More, Omawumi delves into the human experience, blending her boundless vocals with storytelling that traverses eras and personal experiences. The album features a range of emotions, from gratitude in “Thank God” to reflections on unrequited love in “Try.” Collaborating with Psycho YP on “More,” she pleads for genuine affection, while “Love You Well” celebrates the multifaceted nature of love.

Omawumi’s insightful lyrics continue to resonate, urging listeners to embrace life’s opportunities in “Yolo,” face adversity with prayer in “No Be Play,” and conquer fears in the motivational track “Fear.” The LP concludes with the spiritually charged “Auzubillahi.”

Speaking about her connection to music, Omawumi expresses, “Music is everything…it is a form of communication that speaks on every part of life that has ears, it is very spiritual, it can be a teacher, sometimes even in the abstract, there is a language.”

The tracklisting for More includes:

  1. Thank God (Produced by Cobhams)
  2. Try (Produced by Sizzlepro)
  3. More (Produced by Sizzlepro)
  4. Love You Well (Produced by Yussybeats)
  5. Yolo (Produced by Cobhams)
  6. No Be Play (Produced by Sizzlepro)
  7. Fear (Produced by Sizzlepro)
  8. Auzubillahi (Produced by Sizzlepro)

Omawumi invites music enthusiasts to embark on this musical journey by listening to More, a testament to her artistry, blending soulful sounds with compelling narratives.

For a sonic experience, listen to More here.

Connect with Omawumi on Instagram and X (Twitter) for more updates on her musical odyssey.


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