Oiza & Meyi release infectious love song ‘Mumu Na Forever’

The dynamic twin sisters Eucharia and Eugenia Abu, who perform as Oiza & Meyi, have once again captivated their audience with their latest single, “Mumu Na Forever”. Known for their harmonious blend of folk music and insightful lyrics, the duo has crafted a song that delves into the whimsical side of love.

Oiza & Meyi first emerged onto the spotlight during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown. A video of their impromptu bathroom performance went viral, showcasing their exceptional harmonising abilities and guitar skills. This initial wave of recognition paved the way for their growing popularity.

The twins are renowned for their striking resemblance and thought-provoking lyrics, often weaving narratives that address a range of themes from love to politics, laced with a touch of satire. Their music provides a refreshing take on life’s multifaceted nature, engaging listeners on another level.

Their latest release, “Mumu Na Forever,” continues this tradition. The song is an infectious anthem for anyone who has ever found themselves ensnared by the folly of love. Combining humour with relatable storytelling, Oiza & Meyi have created a track that is bound to make listeners both laugh and reflect, all while singing along to its catchy tune.

The song explores the often irrational actions driven by love, resonating with a wide audience. With its quirky and engaging lyrics, “Mumu Na Forever” promises to be a hit among fans and newcomers alike.

For those eager to experience the magic of Oiza & Meyi, “Mumu Na Forever” is available for streaming here.

Connect with Oiza & Meyi through their social media platforms: Instagram and X.


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