Odumodublvck on his music and what the future holds

Lagos-born musician Odumodublvck is making waves in the music industry, bringing a fresh perspective to Afrobeat with a strong UK influence. In a recent interview with Hypebeast, he discussed his latest project, EZIOKWU, and his journey that combines Nigerian and UK sounds.

Odumodublvck’s music is a fusion of UK and Nigerian culture, with a deep-rooted appreciation for artistes like Skepta, who he considers his idol. He shared, “The music I make is more influenced by the UK sound and culture than the US culture. When you listen to me, you’ll hear the UK and Nigeria – I’m a drill artiste before I’m a hip-hop artiste.”

His connection to the UK doesn’t stop at his music. His single “Declan Rice” is currently a hit in the UK, and the artwork for his latest project, EZIOKWU, was designed by British-Nigerian artist Slawn. This 14-track project, featuring tracks like “Fire Gun” with Fireboy DML, encapsulates moments of self-validation and introspection.

Odumodublvck also discussed his relationship with the UK music scene, mentioning his admiration for Skepta, who is a significant influence on his music. He emphasised the importance of personal connections in collaborations, stating that he prefers to establish genuine friendships with artistes before working together.

Regarding the popularity of African and African-inspired music in the UK, Odumodublvck attributed it to the presence of a significant Nigerian community in the country and the universal appeal of good music. He highlighted the success of artistes like Wizkid, whose music has resonated in both the UK and the US.

The interview touched on his collaboration with Fireboy, the making of “Fire Gun,” and his selective approach to working with artistes. He emphasised the importance of building personal connections before collaborating.

Odumodublvck’s latest EP promises a unique blend of melodies, lyrics, attitude and realness that showcases his individuality. He sees himself as a trailblazer, creating a new path for the next generation of artistes, breaking away from the typical Afrobeat sounds.

Looking ahead, Odumodublvck has plans to perform in the UK, collaborate with a UK artiste, and release another EP before his next album. He recognises the need for consistency in the industry, aiming to maintain a strong presence and continue to grow in his career.

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