AKtivated debuts ‘Steeze’ single featuring Ice Prince & Viju Boi

AKtivated, a platform spearheaded by Amazing Klef, has released “Steeze,” its first single featuring Ice Prince and Viju Boi, marking the beginning of its rap/hip-hop revival journey. The high-energy track, according to a statement, blends rap and Afropop, celebrating those who own their unique style and effortlessly command attention.

“We are thrilled to release ‘Steeze’ as it represents the innovative and diverse nature of AKtivated and the Nigerian music today,” said Amazing Klef, Founder of AKtivated TV. “Our platform is dedicated to showcasing the best of Nigerian talent, and this song is a testament to the creativity and passion that drives our music industry.”

“Steeze” results in a sound that feels both familiar and groundbreaking, championing the effortless confidence and coolness that sets one apart. AKtivated TV has quickly gained recognition for its commitment to promoting African artistes and producing high-quality visual content.

“Steeze,” which marks another step in AKtivated TV’s mission to bridge the gap between artistes and audiences, is now available on all major music platforms here, inviting listeners to experience the vibrant and evolving landscape of Nigerian music.

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